Off-Gas Cleaning


Tailor made furnace gas cleaning equipment designed by THEISEN™.

Special emphasis on:

  • Safety: design, equipment selection & processes
  • Plant robustness: low maintenance, lifespan of plants
  • Cleaning efficiency: residual SPM< 10mg/Nm3

Upgrading of existing furnace gas cleaning plants.


South African Reference Plants

  • Tronox Namakwa Sands – Two GCP’s
  • Samancor Middelburg Ferrochrome
  • Tronox KZN Sands – Two GCP’s
  • South African Calcium Carbide – Two GCP’s
  • Richards Bay Minerals – Four Disintegrators
  • Anglo American – Pilot Plant


  • Theisen™ designs and supplies furnace off-gas cleaning systems for:
    • Fully enclosed submerged arc furnaces
    • AC & DC reduction furnaces
    • Cupolas
    • Blast and other shaft furnaces
    • Pyrolysis gas,
    • Synthetic gas and other kinds of product gases
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project management
  • Consulting services for capital projects involving gas utilisation, i.e. Co-gen.
  • CAD Design & Drawing Department
  • After sales support & spares
  • Inspection and refurbishment of special equipment
  • Upgrading of existing gas cleaning plants to comply with environmental legislation